Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY: Day 1 Part 1

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and reader :)
I don't really have CNY mood this year.
My head full of project and test stuff.
So stress. Face Smiling my heart full of worries.
Hate this kind of feeling. But what can i do?
Thanks to Aubrey + Sorry.
Poor him, Have to tolerent me.
Thanks For Cheering me up.
But i can only cheer up after i finish all my project and test :(

Time to share some smile here :)
Anyway the Top i wearing will be launch in the next closet collection.
Have 3 colour for this design :)
Shi Min, Shi Hui and Kai Yun sorry never post those photo i took with you girls.
Cause i dun look nice in it. haha :p

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